Friday, April 18, 2014

33 weeks

Today is quite the Good Friday.
Today marks the beginning of an Easter weekend celebration, celebrating our Savior Jesus who gave his life up for all of us on a cross and was raised again. So that my sins can be forgiven. And yours too.
Today our baby swiftlet is getting closer and closer to being in our arms, on her 33rd week in my belly!
Today is sunny and beautiful.
Today I have no school.
Today Mr. Christopher is amazing and fixed our outside faucet that has been broken since September and I can have a garden again.
Today I made my little girl some super cute headbands (tutorial to come soon).
Today I have already been to an eye appointment, the vet (for Honey, of course), made and eaten two breakfasts and already did a craft... and it's only 12:30.
Today is His.

Happy Good Friday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

32 weeks (last week)

Hey there!
I'm actually in my 33rd week as of today, but I couldn't pass up on my 32nd week photoshoot with my hubby. Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon in the yard: weeding, raking, picking up sticks and preparing the garden for planting. Instead of dolling myself up afterward, we thought we would take my weekly belly photos as I was: in my gardening get-up.

So there ya go.
And yes, I actually did use that hoe to break up the soil in our raised bed.
But I definitely took a lot more breaks this time around than I would have last year.


P.S. Today I splurged and bought this with some birthday money.
I can't wait to document her milestones! So cute!
7(ish) more weeks!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"She is a May flower."

I am so tempted to purchase this print from one of my favorite artists, Katie Daisy.

Back in December, before we knew our little girl was going to be a little girl, I had a dream about her. In the dream she was a she and she was as amazing as I have always thought she would be. She was a wildflower of a girl. Beautiful and lively and small and adorable.

 She also came a little early in the month of May (which isn't that crazy, considering her due date is June 1st).

Then a few weeks ago I ran across this print from KD. And instantly I thought
"She is a May flower."

Part of me really wants go ahead and get this. But then part of me doesn't because... who knows. She could also come June 1st, June 2nd... and I need to be okay with that.

Maybe I'll wait and see if she really does come in May.
On rainy, stormy April days like today though, the thought of my little May flower gives me hope.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

swift is the booty

Hey, did you know that Mr. Christopher blogs too? He had a mighty fine blog post today about our little swift abode and all the nesting that is happening. Check it out here.

Monday, March 31, 2014

31 weeks

This week baby swiftlet 
... is 31 weeks.
... is running out of room.
... is making small corners harder and harder.
... stirs when Honey barks.
... has a stroller ready!
... still needs a name.
... will celebrate her mama's 28th birthday!
... is only 9ish weeks away from meeting her parents.

The countdown is ON.
And so is operation house/ operation nursery/ operation get everything possible done beforehand.
Wanna help?

30 weeks

These weeks are going by so quickly! Happy 30!

Friday, March 21, 2014

29 weeks & 6 days

Hard to believe I am already so close to the 30s! Time is flying by.

I am back into my tired/unmotivated/lazy phase. I'm not sure if it is pregnancy or long days at school or a combination of the two, but I am quite the lazy butt lately. Mr. Christopher is helping me to get motivated tonight by helping me to put some finishing paint touches on our nursery.

Maybe when I have those finishing touches done I will share an update of our nursery so far. We'll see. You might not get that lucky.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather! Go outside!


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