Monday, May 20, 2013

thrift my junk: garden markers

This weekend I worked super hard on a long thrift my junk post. One that I was super excited about sharing. It was pretty, creative and (I'd like to think) funny. 

And then my laptop (who's lifespan is coming to an end) died and for some reason my post didn't save and it was all.lost. 


So, I'm fighting the system, not re-doing it all but just showing you a few of my favorite photos. Hopefully you'll get it.

before: popsicle sticks + weatherproof paint + sharpie
after: garden identification markers

The markers were not part of my original thrift my junk list, but I was in desperate need of them. I plan on finishing the last two items on my original list this week and next!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

This is such a cute and cheap idea! Thanks for sharing. I didn't have waterproof paint so I used nail polish. They didn't turn out quite as polished as yours but cute nonetheless!


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